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Hi, I'm Saurabh.
I'm an Entrepreneur Tech Ninja and a Mentor Python Expert JS Ninja @Codementor and @Hackhands Technical Reviewer @Packtpub Technical Advisor @Conferensco Algo Hacker @Hackerrank

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My Experience

Heads tech and operations at SchoolCom. A tech geek, Saurabh ranked among the top 100 programmers in India and top 500 in the world on hackerrank .He is an tech advisor for a bunch of startups.

I would like to bring your attention to the fact that I am also a Hiring Ninja and have taken up Tech interviews (more than a hundred). Companies for which i have interviewed are:
SchoolCom, Zopper, Fabfresh, Cyber Coders(Germany), Hachi Labs(Los Angeles), Transinfinity, Mart Mobi, Aurelenic, Conferensco and Pixo.

My Work

Want to see more examples? Email me.


  • Built a Search Engine

Its a python program which searches for webpages in preprocess index for a given keyword and returns best results based on a rank algorithm and later I had done some optimization using Beautiful soup (Parse webpages) and made search engine polite using robotexclusionrulesparser to respect robots.txt.

Tecnology used: Python 2.7, Bottle Framework, Google appengine, Jinja2template, Bootstrap and Javascript.

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  • Gotmychange

Gotmychange, Idea got selected in top 10 out of 70 ideas presented from all over the India. Aided in the development of a cross-platform petty cash transaction application prototype, which aimed at solving the 'change' problem involved our everyday routines. The prototype was pitched to the investors at startup weekend Chennai.

Technology: AngularJs , Html5, Css3, ionic framework and NodeJs.

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  • Failure Founder

Started an online food delivery service product (chennai) in college , but shut down after 4 months of launching due to cash flow.

Technology: Ruby and Rails , Javascript, Html5, Css3 , lots of Gems and hosted on heroku .

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Spell Checker

  • NLP Programmer

Made a Keyword based Spell Corrector using N-gram modeling .

Technology: Python 2.7 , Bottle py , GAE , lots of Mathematics (Bayes,etc) and Natural Language Processing.

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Webrank Picto

  • Coder

A python program which contains a simple set of functions that take the graph representing the web and outputs a file in the DOT language. This file can be used by Graphviz to produce an illustrative image of the graph thus making easier to understand the results of the ranking algorithm.

Technology: Python and Graphviz .

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  • Tech Lead


All aspects of a students performance can be captured to enable quick improvement.

Parents get real-time updates regarding their childs learning, enabling quick decision making.

Schools can make important announcements such as holidays to all parents at the touch of a button.

Technology: Api's in Php , Android (JAVA) , Aws S3 , Mysql , etc

In News

CodeMentor - Andela Mentorship

  • Mentor

Selected as a Python Expert by Codementor for a company Andela to mentor their developer on a project called 'Genio'.

Genio is an intelligent personal assistant Slack bot inspired by Apple's Siri. It can perform tasks such as taking notes, setting reminders, getting weather forecast, language translation, arithmetic calculations and unit conversion, etc. It also runs on the command line interface for the lovers of the terminal.

Technology: Python 2.7, Click , Django and lots of third party libraries.

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Google Interview Experience

  • Interviewee

My Google Interview Experience for Software Developer Position [Android Core Team], London, United Kingdom.

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Ibibo and Zoomcar Interview Experience

  • Interviewee

My Ibibo and Zoomcar Interview Experience for Senior Software Developer Position [Rails], Gurgaon.

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  • Startups Saviour

StartupBrew works with early stage startups with the passion of a co-founder. We help startups define proper product roadmaps, lay the foundations of a scalable technology architecture. We also get the product built and designed from scratch and hire great talent to run the company forward.

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SchoolCom Featured in Yourstory

  • startup story

SchoolCom has built a platform "SmartTab" that is a focussed device pre-fed with master data of a particular school like student records, modules, teachers, sections, and other details. The product has inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity and offline-online syncing technology.

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Keynote speaker

  • Keynote speaker on "Entrepreneurship" at Symposio 16

Invited by Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Bengaluru to give a keynote speech about my entrepreneurial journey for the event Symposio - National Level Student Conference of SIBM, Bengaluru where all the top MBA grads from IIMs,SIBM,etc showcased their ideas through white paper presentations.


My Personal Archievements

When I'm not working, I'm developing myself by participating in competitions.

Currently Holding 5/5 rating at codementor and 85 up's and 0 down at instaedu. I have taken almost more than 150 session's at instaedu.

Wants to have coffee with me?

Drop me a mail at saurabhhack123@gmail.com

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